How do we do it?

The patient takes a normal vital reading via a familiar device. i.e. blood pressure cuff, blood glucometer, fingertip oximeter, weight scale, thermometer etc. The Vital Connex solution then retrieves the patients information. Its that simple!

Vital Connex is a simple telehealth software and bio-medical device solution that allows healthcare providers to remotely monitor patients or have a video conference.  No wires and nothing for the patient to do other than, take a reading like normal. From a device they may already be familiar with.

The vital sign hardware sensors have Bluetooth transmitters in them so when the patient takes a reading the sensor transmits the reading information automatically to a data hub that then transmits the patients vital sign reading into Vital Connex.
Your care managers can either manage their patients from the Vital Connex application, or we can interface into your EMR/clinical application.


Vital signs are collected from the patient wherever the patient is located and transmitted via a HIPAA compliant secure cellular connection back to the Vital Connex application.

  1. If the vital sign data that is collected from the patients Vital Connex device is out of tolerance of the care plan, then an alert will be sent to the care manager, patient, care-giver, clinician etc.
  2. And/Or the vital sign data can be accessed by your caregivers either using the Vital Connex Patient dashboard or your enterprise EHRs.

Whatever is best and easiest for your workflow!Remote Patient Monitoring